Welcome to my homepage. You can find here some basic information about my research interests in the area of cognitive science. The research is focused on the cognitive semantics and the ways people store their knowledge about space, objects, facts, categories, abstract entities or causal relations. My approach is based on the collection of information from cognitive psychology and neuroscience and its application in the area of cognitive robotics to design artificial systems able to mimic human behaviour. From the theoretical point of view I do believe that human understanding of the outside world is based on the ability to learn the invariant features from the environment and to create robust representations consisting of linguistic and non-linguistic level. This representational system allows to think about the environment without the necessity to interpret it by an external observer. The topics I am interested in covers core subfields of the cognitive science, namely cognitive psychology (spatial navigation, frames of reference, mental imagery), cognitive neuroscience (EEG correlates of reference frames, emotions and knowledge representation) and embodied cognitive robotics (cognitive semantics, symbol grounding problem, knowledge representation, self-organization and spatial navigation). I am also co-founder and a proud member of Incognite research unit

michal vavrecka

Briefly about me

I am a researcher interested in the cognitive science. My research combines theories and methods of cognitive psychology, neuroscience and computational modeling. I focus on the knowledge representation in the area of spatial cognition.


Michal Vavrečka
BioDat research Group
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Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University
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