Gabriela Šejnová


 location: CIIRC CTU, Room B-603

 phone: +420-22435-4224


   I am currently a PhD student of Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics at Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), Faculty of Electrical Engineering. My workplace is at the CIIRC institute in Dejvice, Prague, at the department of Robotics and Machine Perception lead by Prof. Vaclav Hlavac. My fields of interest are cognitive robotics and natural language processing, which is also going to be the subject of my dissertation. The supervisor of my thesis is Mgr. Michal Vavrecka, Ph.D. I am also currently involved in the ImitRob project lead by Mgr. Karla Stepanova, Ph.D., which is focused on language-supported imitation learning for industrial robotics.