CTGViewer The CTGViewer allows browsing of cardiotographic records from the CTG database (CTU-UHB database). Its purpose is to display a fetal heart rate and uterine contractions together with a clinical information without the need of Matlab.

Matlab codes

MatlabLogo A collection of matlab codes for various purposes: working with the CTU-UHB intrapartum CTG database, calling the CTGViewer from matlab, signal processing and analysis, etc. You can browse the collection here.


PartogramCopy The PartogramCopy was used to obtain data from paper documentation.
The PartogramCopy is able to save information to relational database (SQLlite). The PartogramCopy can save the following data: labour outcome as measured by pH, BE, or BDecf, evaluation of fetal heart rate records (normal, suspicious, pathological), drugs administered, and progress of labour.
The application is written in python with PyQt bindings and PyQwt library. It serves for research purposes only.


Below please find a small utilities written mainly in python. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of interest, comments, suggestions, or bugs.

Convert Bibtex Special Characters

The program (convertBibtexSpecialChars) can be used for conversion of special characters in a BibTex file. The special characters are replaced by a LaTex escaped code, e.g. รก is replaced by \'{a}. The program also surrounds capital letters with curly brackets {}.

Latex table with the TikZ package

The TikZ package is interface to PGF macro package. It allows to produce nice graphic plots in latex. The example below shows how to use this packages to produce a fancy table that is easily readable. The values in table are in median with confidance intervals.
Source code with pdf examples: latex-tikz-table

Convert CSV to Latex Table

A simple utility csv2latexTable to convert a table in a csv file into a table in LaTex format.

The usage is as follows: -i inputFile.csv

For a help message run: -h

The output is written into a file inputFile.tex with converted table in a Latex format. The format of the Latex table can be easily changed directly in the source code: