Vaclav Hlavac was advisor of the PhD, MSc, Bc theses below 

PhD Defended Topic
Jan Stria 2020 Visual perception of garments for their robotic manipulation
Vladimír Petrík 2019 Physics-based models for robotic soft material manipulation
Kostiantyn Antoniuk 2017 Discriminative learning from partially annotated examples
Martin Bresler 2016 Understanding formal arrow-connected diagrams and free-form sketches
Alexandr Shekhovtsov 2013 Exact and partial energy minimization in computer vision
Lukas Cerman 2013 Tracking with context
Jan Dupac 2011 Stable wave detector and tracker
Pavel Krizek 2008 Feature selection: stability, algorithms, and evaluation (supervised with Josef Kittler)
Martin Matousek 2007 Epipolar rectification minimising image loss
Martin Barva 2007 Localization of surgical instruments in 3D ultrasound images
Vojtech Franc 2005 Optimization algorithms for kernel methods
Tomas Pajdla 2003 Stereo geometry of non-central cameras
Pavel Krsek 2002 Range image registration using differential characteristics
Martin Urban 2000 Uncalibrated 3D vision: contribution to projective reconstruction and camera selfcalibration
Jaroslav Fojtik 2000 Lossless image compression based on bit analysis of data
Tomas Svoboda 2000 Central panoramic cameras design, geometry, egomotion
Svatopluk Kraus 1999 Sub-pixel precision gauging with a CCD camera
Tomas Werner 1999 Image-based visualization of real 3D scenes
Martin Krcmar 1998 Automated composition of programs for visual inspection
Jan Soldan 1997 Search for Gamma-ray burst optical counterparts


MSc Defended Topic
Mathias De Ryck (with KU Leuven) 2018 Applications for force compliant robot
Marketa Kmonickova 2018 A force-compliant manipulator used in the robotic rehabilitation
Tadeas Lejsek 2015 Dual-arm robot perceiving and manipulating soft objects – use cases
Jan Sindler 2013 World representation of a dual-arm robot manipulating with clothes
Miloslav Klinger 2012 Automatic classification of the Parkinson’s patient stiffness from a single videosequence
Jan Zimmerman (MFF) 2010 People tracking in sparse crowd using multiple cameras
Eva Gallardo Pérez 2009 2D Grammar Extension of the CMP Mathematical Formulae On-line Recognition System (jointly at the Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona)
Klara Skodova 2008 Video surveillance of patients suffering from sleep disorders
Radim Krupicka (MFF) 2007 Unsupervised learning based on images
Pavel Janda (MFF) 2007 Control of the industrial robot with cameras
Lukas Cerman 2006 High Dynamic Range Images from Multiple Exposures
Filip Korc 2006 2D Model-Based Tracking of Humans in a Single View Sequence
Ales Fexa (MFF) 2004 Analysis of human behaviour from video sequences
Michal Juza 2004 Tracking humans in video sequences
Jan Petr (MFF) 2003 Tools for analyzing images of gecko's skin
Petr Soukup (MFF) 2001 A toolbox for syntactic pattern recognition in regular languages
Karel Vorisek (MFF) 2000 A prototype of a vectorization tool exploring a Schlesinger's corners
Vojtech Franc 2000 Software tools for pattern recognition (toolbox in Matlab)
Jan Dupac 2000 Hidden Markov Models toolbox in Matlab
Lukas Vosahlik 1998 Mathematical morphology methods, an implementation
Radek Svoboda (MFF) 1997 Reconstruction of polyhedrons from range data
Martin Urban 1995 Recognition of 3D curved objects
Tomas Svoboda 1995 Camera self-calibration and motion analysis
Martin Krcmar 1993 Image matching using graph description
Tomas Pajdla 1992 Geometric model construction from the sequence of range images - surface understanding
Petr Marecek 1990 Object recognition from images for robotic applications
Vladimir Smutny 1989 Applications of Hough transform
Ales Pechacek 1988 Image processing tool for Digites
Bohuslav Pecha 1988 Image processing application
Tomas Suk 1987 Image processing tool IMG for VMS operating system
Karel Kraus 1987 Image matching
Jiri Koudelka 1987 Recognition of handwritten characters
Jiri Kadlec 1986 Image analysis modules (on PDP-11, RSX operating system)
Bohumil Lisec 1986 Image processing tool, kernel (on PDP-11, RSX operating system)
Miroslav Svoboda 1986 Mathematical morphology methods
Borivoj Tydlitat 1986 Joining local polygonal representations into a global one
Dusan Volcik 1986 ?
Petr Vitu 1985 Conversion from raster to polygonal representation
Petr Novak 1985 Image acquisition hardware and software
Pavel Holy 1985 IMG image processing tool, (on PDP-11, RSX operating system)


Bc Defended Topic
Filip Korc 2003 Image processing examples in Matlab for teaching

Note: MFF means student of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University Prague.

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